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Assign Tasks to Groups


Kanboard v1.1.0 or Higher

Features and usage

  • A task can have an assigned group.
  • Can only assign groups to a task that have permissions in the Project.
  • If a user is in a group that a task is assigned to, it will show up on their dashboard.
  • If a group is assigned, it will be appear on the task in detail view, board view, creation, modification.
  • Includes 3 Automatic Actions to utilize the Assigned Group
    • Email Assigned Group on Task Modification, Creation, Close, or Movement
    • Email Assigned Group of impending Task Due Date
    • Assign task to a group on creation or movement
  • using assignee:me in filter will find tasks assigned to groups that the user is in.
  • using assignee:'GroupName' in filter will find tasks assigned to a group by NAME of the group.
  • using assignee:`GroupID' in filter will find tasks assigned to a group by ID number of group.
  • using assignee:'Username' or assignee:'Name' will NOT find a task assigned to a group with that UserName or Name in the group.

Future enhancments

Find bugs or missing functionality, please report it.

  • Add a few basic automatic actions that utilize Groups assigned
  • Add relationship for assignee:'Username' or assignee:'Name' in the table lookup
  • Add an event for assigned group change.
  • Incorporate into notifications


Task Details:


Task Creation/Modification:


Board View:


Automatic Actions:




Calendar Plugin Updated to work with Group_assign

You can install seperately here: https://github.com/creecros/plugin-calendar