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Bundled extension of the /r/toolbox moderator tools for
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toolbox for reddit

Bundled extension of the /r/toolbox moderator tools for


  • Comments Module: Highlight keywords and hide removed comments.
  • Mod button: Adds a button to submissions and comments that allows you to Ban, unban, mod, unmod, approve, unapprove a user from that spot. If a user is banned it will also load the ban reason on the spot. Very handy when someone modmails you asking why they are banned!
  • Mod Mail Pro: Filter your modmail, easily compose new modmail for your fellow mods, hide invite spam, much more!
  • Moderation log matrix: See who does what in your team, analyze the modlog and output nice statistics.
  • Removal Reasons: When removing a submission have a selection of predefined reasons you can select from. Supports removal comments and flairs!
  • Toolbar Shortcuts: Put handy shortcuts to your often used pages in the toolbar.
  • User Notes: Leave notes about users that other mods can see as well!
  • Domain Tagger: A shared feature allowing mod teams to tag domains with colors. Makes it easier to spot spammy domains, approve approved domains, etc.
  • Notifications of new (mod)mails, queue items, etc.
  • Toolbar with queue counters
  • Banlist live search: If you have a big ban list this is a awesome feature, it basically turn the banlist search bar in a live search bar that automatically updates with matchers.


Third party support.

All shared features settings and data are stored in subreddit wikis through versioned json. Third party applications can use this data to hook into toolbox features like usernotes.


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