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synaptiks is a touchpad configuration and management tool for KDE, available under the terms of the simplified BSD licence (see COPYING).

It provides a System Settings module to configure basic and advanced features of the touchpad. Additionally it comes with a little system tray application, which can switch the touchpad automatically off, while an external mouse is plugged or while you are typing.

Please refer to the website for more information about synaptiks including some screenshots, a detailed handbook and also some API documentation for interested developers.


Synaptiks is available in the Python Package Index and can be installed with pip:

sudo pip install synaptiks

Please refer to the detailed installation instructions on the website for more information.


A comprehensive handbook is provided on the website and in the KDE help center.

Issues, questions and feedback

There is a mailing list at (hosted by for user question and development discussions around synaptiks. To subscribe to this list, just send an mail to and reply to the configuration mail. To report bugs and issues, please open an issue at the tracker.


Development happens on GitHub. You can retrieve the source code with:

git clone --recursive git://

Patches and pull requests are welcome!

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