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ahoxus - chaos up
life can be beautiful!
/chaos up/

we are creating systems to improve life.

[ahoxus]({{ page.ahoxus }})

[ahoxus]({{ page.ahoxus }}) is this small (and growing) team of people (TK) inspired by (truly in random order):

#stephendubner #mandygresh #stevennovella #timurban #ncase #sergeybrin #terryjones #stevejobs #fernandatakai #johnlennon #dannyrubin #haroldramis #gilliantans #jimmywales #cregox #sandraclark #mairasardao "many more [TK](/tk)"

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we value technology, spirituality, philosophy, science and, somewhat above all, having fun.

a wise person really apply their knowledge in practice. in that sense, a murderer is wiser than a philosopher, but they both forget to include the whole in their activities. the philosopher could be wise by doing art or planting trees, and the murder could be smart by only killing those who also consciously kill first (directly or indirectly), thus becoming a hero. too bad thanos wasn't that smart, after all.

transparency is better offered in layers.

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