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direct ways to find cregox, including email and phone.

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aha, no form here!

you may:

  • be creative, surprise me. :)
  • email
  • reach me online. (in order of "technically better in 2019, imho") on telegram > twitter > discord > sms > messenger > zoom > duo > signal > hangouts > skype > etc > whatsapp. you may need to let me know which one first, though.
  • try calling me with google at +1 732 7377346 or while i'm in portugal at +351 918424479.

i usually reply in a few hours. if i don't answer in a couple of days, by all means do nag me again. using everything you can!

![ana boat](caue on ana boat.jpeg) i once wish to live in such a "boat"... but, flying through the skies!

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