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show us our money!
piracicaba water flow.jpg

looking for the manifesto about capitalism?

thank you so much for your will to invest in cregox! this helps supporting all our free work.

perhaps you'll want to get in touch and give us some feedback as well.

for now (nov 2019) **bitcoin** is the ideal mean.

in case you might be wondering, we use luxembourg.

![blockchain]( wallet 1Jsw4dEcD4H9MCh6kKdYPz9cpKjyBNgpFT.png)


how to use bitcoin?

**revolut** works fine.

using you revolut account send money to contact: +1 732 7377346 or

why (and what is) revolut?

**activobank** for old farts, using **iban**.

activobank is by far the best portuguese bank, for remote and online operations around bic, sepa and swift.



or [contact us](/contact) about other options! ;)

i'm positive we can find a good option for both. we take even paper money, coins or paypal, depending on each situation.

paypal is a last resort because it works very well for small quantities but it's just not that reliable.

![water falls like money flows, sometimes]({{ page.image }})

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