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portfolio for caue 'cregox' rego. such a creative web name!
throwing boomerang.jpg

![that boomerang ain't gonna fly itself!]({{ page.image }})

born "caue rego" (plus more names) and turned into web "cregox", i'm just a random dude (who loves boomerangs!).

unlike my projects, including the ones i'm proud, this is a (still non extensive) list that should be at least somewhat useful to you and anyone, right now. even if only for you to have some fun!

it might be interesting to notice how most items intersect with the other lists, but in here they are offered with descriptions under your perspective, my dear visitor.

  • feeling nostalgic? pcsedados we made back in 2003 and it's still in use today. cool little story but, above all, has pictures from an old age internet.
  • [abaixa tampa (lower the toilet lid)]({{ site.a.abaixatampa }}) if you know me, perhaps you never knew i've got brad pitt jolie acting skills! co-wrote and co-stared in this play, as a bailarina tramp. here are the [photos]({{ site.a.caue.abaixatampa }}) to prove.
  • [just a regular damme day]({{ site.a.damme }}) is my "before fame" video (before first acting lessons or anything related to plays, really). so, it should be specially fun for you to watch if you've met me before. i hope.
  • formigas was my adaptation from atari game. more nostalgia? are you a kind of a gamer person? if you also like to code, this is for you! else, you might want to skip it.
  • some photos for casting, lol. if you enjoy feeling ashamed for other people.
  • [homemade]({{ }}) videos are 2 links where you can find more shameless trash i've recorded in motion.
  • i advise against building resumes. this one was even fun to create and maintain, but never gave me anything. because resumes don't bring work! networking and profiles meant to help others, do.
  • ahoxus is my newest thing (may 2019). we now buy and sell houses. and we will be able to get you up to a 0 fee. starting in portugal.
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