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fas tv
(outdated) list of fun, awesome, and science items from the cregox web.
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true is not quite as random as i'd wish, but that's almost the whole idea, right there!

at some point in 2015 i thought it would be fun to try making something like 9gag tv or iflscience (later on i found out about something similar to my will, except i have no wish to produce anything in non-english).

i ended up creating a "fas tv" google plus collection:

curated [f]un, [a]wesome and [s]cience items from the web. content that could show in an adult TV. only our very favourite ones.

well, it never worked. and google plus is now dead.

still, i actually got plenty related offline files i wish to share in a more interesting fashion (and probably not everything).

more than just about sharing links, it should also prevent them from breaking. me hates that. :(


fas tv is no more. for now. and perhaps forever!

let me know if you'd like me to do something about it.

![community pool](community pool.gif)

community series - almost as good as scrubs

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