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If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.

-- Isaac Newton

creichert's dotfiles

This repo contains my entire system configuration. The Dockerfile is a simulation of my personal Debian installation which I use to continually verify that my configuration works.

All dotfiles in this repo are installed using minimally invasive commands and most will not overwrite any existing data on your system.

Use make to:

  • visualize how the install will affect your system:

    $ make simulate
  • install all dotfiles with stow:

    $ make dotfiles
  • install a single dotfile with stow:

    $ make dotfiles pkg=emacs



Bash configuration files and scripts.


This package contains some miscellaneous scripts I use. It also serves as an install dir for user-specific scripts.


dotlocal is a git repo I use to manage "private" dotfiles. I try my best to minimize the number of files contained in this repo in favor of using pass as much as possible.


I use emacs for 95% of my work.

  • C-x d load a new project directory
  • C-x C-d open an existing project

once a project is opened:

  • C-x f load a file


  • C-c l reload current module in ghci
  • C-c ; load/reload project in ghci repl
haskell etags

stack-tag can compile a single etags file for a stack project including all transitive dependencies.


All font configurations. This configuration mostly relies on Xresources to handle fonts but some applications still require higher-level support.


GHC and related Haskell configuration files.


Git configuration files.


GNU Global configuration for source code tags.


NOTE: The gpg-agent pinentry doesn't interoperate well w/ Emacs 25. Because of this, some GPG Agent queries might use the GTK pinenty popup.


Although I use Emacs' sql-mode for most postgresql maintenace, I still occassionally need psql directly. This package contains a decent .psqlrc


ssh config files used to configure ssh-agent, identity files, and the ~/.ssh/config.d directory for private drop-in configurations.


My configuration files to the stack build tool. I rely on `stack extensively for most Haskell development.


Local systemd user services. I find it's much easier to manage services in systemd user services as opposed to starting them in the background from my .xsession.


X11/X.Org configuration files. For most windows I use standard X11 and GTK when necessary.


To install or reinstall xmonad/xmobar:

  $ make xmonad

or, type Win-q.


  • Win-f1 open new terminal
  • Win-f2 open new emacs session
  • Win-SHIFT-f2 open new emacsclient session
  • Win-p open any program

xmonad can also be re-compiled on the fly using stack:

  • Win-q recompile & reload xmonad/xmobar.
  • Win-[0..9] switch workspaces
  • Win-SPC switch layout


Load these scratchpads on any workspace:

  • Win-k open floating terminal
  • Win-j Org agenda (hit f8 when the emacs terminal opens)
  • Win-r My agenda


Get a list of themes:

$ make theme theme=chalk

Install a theme:

$ make theme q=chalk

Which will take effect when an application, or the entire X session is restarted. Themes are generated using Xresources. Default settings can be found in x11/.Xresources.

misc. posts & hacks dotshare

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