A script for prepare export of vector objects from Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop
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Ai2Psd v2.2

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  • Version 2.2 added progress bar and timer.
  • Version 2.1 fixed unlock and order of objects issue.
  • Version 2.0 of the script doesn't need to load the helper Action file. If you have any of previous versions, you may delete 'Ai-to-Psd' set from Windows → Actions right after upgrade.


The script may help to prepare vector layers for export from AI to PSD file.
All solid filled objects remain vector in the PSD.


  1. Download archive and unzip
  2. Place Ai2Psd.jsx in the Illustrator Scripts folder:
    • OS X: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator [vers.]/Presets.localized/en_GB/Scripts
    • Windows (32 bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [vers.]\Presets\en_GB\Scripts\
    • Windows (64 bit): C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [vers.] (64 Bit)\Presets\en_GB\Scripts\
  3. Restart Illustrator


If you want to save the vector stroke in the PSD, then you have to select the object and use Object → Path → Outline Stroke.

If you have a large group of small objects, e.g. hair brush draws, fur or outlined text, it'd be better to combine such elements into the Compound Path with Object → Compound Path → Make before the script is executed.

  1. Open document in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Choose File → Scripts → ai-to-psd
  3. Wait for the message of completion
  4. Export the file to PSD via File → Export → Export As...


Attention: Meshes, objects with a gradient fill, pattern, various strokes, Open Path can not be left as vectors after the export, but they are automatically grouped to be separate raster layers in the PSD.

Progress bar in v2.2


System Requirements

Should work with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and above.
The script has been tested on Illustrator CS6 (Win), Illustrator CC 2017 (Mac OS High Sierra).

Release notes

Version Notes
v2.2 Added progress bar and timer.
v2.1 Fixed unlock and order of objects issue.
v2.0 The script doesn't need to load the helper Action file.
v1.3 Fixed Overprint issue.
v1.2 Improved preformance.
v1.1 The script unlocks visible layers & objects before and the do the rest.
v1.0 Initial Version.


This script is in active development.
Found a bug? Please submit a new issues on GitHub.

Donate (optional)

If you find this script helpful, consider shouting me coffee ☕️ via PayPal or Yandex Money 🙂


Email hi@sergosokin.ru


Radmir Kashaev: GitHub


Ai-to-Psd is licensed under the MIT licence.
See the included LICENSE file for more details.