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Visualize and compare matrix data from OpenCV serialization
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Matrix-Viewer MatrixViewer

Frontend to OpenCV matrices for visualization and edition as tabular or image data.

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Build and Run

  • required packages: cmake; qt5 (core, widgets); libopencv-dev (2.4.11)
  • optionnal packages: python-opencv
  • static analysis: use cmake variable -DCMAKE_CXX_CLANG_TIDY:STRING="clang-tidy;-checks=-*,readability-*"


git clone git://
cd matrix-viewer
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && make
sudo make install

CMake options

  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE [ Release (default), Debug]
  • OpenCV_DIR : absolute path to custom OpenCV build directory (windows)

Integration with gdb

  • copy the script misc/ in a local directory
  • from a gdb shell, run:
source /path/to/
  • the gdb command "mdv m" will launch matrix-viewer to open the cv::Mat 'm'


When the application is run from the terminal, it may output some informative logs. These logs can be formatted using the QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN environment variable (see this blog post for more information).

Append the following line to your ~/.bashrc.

export QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN="`echo -e "\033[32m%{time h:mm:ss.zzz}%{if-category}\033[32m %{category}:%{endif} %{if-debug}\033[36m%{backtrace depth=1}%{endif}%{if-warning}\033[31m%{backtrace depth=3}%{endif}%{if-critical}\033[31m%{backtrace depth=3}%{endif}%{if-fatal}\033[31m%{backtrace depth=3}%{endif}\033[0m %{message}"`"

Qt4 compatibility

If your operating system only have Qt4 support, use the qt4 branch of this repository.

git clone git://
cd matrix-viewer
git checkout qt4
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && make
sudo make install


The developer documentation can be generated with Doxygen.

  • required packages: doxygen
cd matrix-viewer
doxygen Doxyfile
<browser> doc/html/index.html


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