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Crescent Core - Expanding DeFi capabilities through InterBlockchain Technology

What is Crescent?

Crescent is a DeFi Hub that provides innovative and powerful tools that empower users’ digital assets for maximizing their financial returns while managing associated risks in the most efficient way. In the base layer, Crescent core has a DEX functionality equipped with several unique characteristics.

  • A Hybrid DEX : a hybrid system of orderbook and AMM
  • Tick System : standardization of order price
  • Batch Execution : all orders included in same block are fairly executed
  • Ranged Pools : liquidity pools providing liquidity within predefined price range
  • Optimized Liquidity Incentives Strategy
  • Synergy with Crescent Boost


Use binaries

This is the easiest way to get started. Download a pre-built binary for your operating system. You can find the latest binaries on the releases page.

Build from source

Step 1. Install Golang

Go version 1.17 or higher is required for Crescent Core.

If you haven't already, install Go by following the official docs. Make sure that your GOPATH and GOBIN environment variables are properly set up.

Step 2. Get Crescent Core source code

Use git to retrieve Crescent Core from the official repo and checkout the release/v2.0.x branch. This branch contains the latest release, which will install the crescentd binary.

git clone
cd crescent && git checkout release/v2.0.x
make install

Step 3. Verify your installation

Verify that you have installed crescentd successfully by running the following command:

crescentd version --long


Crescent Core uses a customized Cosmos SDK. Please check the differences on here.

Requirement Notes
Go version Go1.17 or higher
customized cosmos-sdk v1.1.0-sdk-0.45.3


The documentation is available in docs directory. If you are a developer interested in technical specification, see inside each x/{module}'s spec directory.



Crescent is a public and open-source blockchain protocol. We welcome contributions from everyone. If you are interested in contributing to Crescent Core, please review our CONTRIBUTING guide. Thank you to all those who have contributed to Crescent Core.


This software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Read more about it here.