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Contains the code for the 2017 paper ShapeGenetics: Using Genetic Algorithms for Procedural Modeling


  • dependencies: OpenGL and CUDA wrappers and tools, zlib, libpng
  • genetics: Optimization algorithms (GA, SMC/SOSMC, RJMCMC) for the derivation tree
  • proccore: Shape Grammar system
  • procrender: UI and rendering stuff, main executable
  • run: scripts and config files to run the executable


The code has been tested on Arch Linux (with clang 3.5.2 or gcc 5.4) and Windows 10 with VS2015

  • C++11
  • CUDA >= 8.0 (for volumetric evaluation)
  • OpenGL >= 4.3
  • libpng
  • zlib


execute cmake and make in procrender/build/cmake

set the path in genetics/eval/gpuvolume/GpuVolumeEvaluator.cpp:234 so that it points to the nvrtc_files - folder in the same directory. I never got around to implementing the nvrtc setup properly...

Adapt some paths in the run/ - script: the script starts the program for each of the 4 config files in the experiment folders (ga.cfg, mh.cfg, smc.cfg, sosmc.cfg). The structure of the config file is pretty self-explainatory. Alternatively just provide a config file as argument for the program.


The gcc-version shipped with Arch Linux wasn't compatible with CUDA 8.0, and CUDA/OpenGL Interop was impossible due to my hardware setup, so i switched to the gcc deliverd with the CUDA package, and used ComputeShaders for some parts.

On Windows i had to use the nvrtc-package, since CUDA didn't support VS2015, and VS2014 didn't support C++11.