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Printable 3D Model(s) for a hanging competition ladder.
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Printable 3D Model(s) for a hanging competition ladder.

== Printing with ReplicatorG ==

  • Load the stl for the model.
  • Generate GCode. I've been using the following settings for our Replicator with two extruders:
    • Left Extruder (white)
    • Do not use raft.
    • Support material: None
    • Use default start/end gcode
    • Use Print-O-Matic
    • Object infill (%): 10
    • Layer height: 0.27
    • Number of shells: 2
    • Feedrate: 25
    • Travel Feedrate: 40
    • Print temperature: 235
    • Filament Diameter: 1.8
    • Nozzel Diameter: .4
  • Click 'generate gcode'
  • Open the GCode tab, and change the platform temp to 120:
    • Find the line: M109 S110 T1 (set HBP temperature) and change it to: M109 S120 T1 (set HBP temperature)
  • Export to s3g and print.
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