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  • Minimal release features:

    • Root is a page that gives you the configuration in a textarea with a post button
  • Bugs

    • If you call the reload action, force-recomp

      • It's hard to see how to pass the flag to the next invocation of itself
    • There's no way to update the ALPACAS library from within itself

    • You can get into a hosed state with a stale binary

    • Reload action doesn't always return a page

      • We're better off now that it's not returning a 500, so we can defer this for now

        The 500 status code was triggering an infelicity in Chrome that made the browser refuse to send a request to the reload action.

    • Snap doesn't let us exit the server without raising an AsyncException. Right now, we're using UserInterrupt to signal exit, but that makes the command-line interface gross. We need to submit a patch to snap-server that gives us a function to call that will exit the server.

      This will still be a bit tricky, because we'll have to decide what to do with the existing connections to the server.

    • Ideally, we'd hold on to the open connections when we restart the server (especially the server socket, and just let the connections queue until we're back up). This is a tricky one.

  • Next features - Alpacase 'reset', to clear out the .config / .cache / etc. content

    • JS console

    • goto-line

    • find-file - File reading/writing via a crude textarea interface (finish


    • Make a trivial web server 'kernel' that has very basic capabilities: edit config, reload, and proxies all "real" requests to a child process that runs the functional web server. (This makes it so that you can see the console output while reloading, gives a safety net if you break things, etc..)

    • Packaging script that builds a repository

    • AJAX status about the reloading state

  • Minimum dependencies:

    • GHC 6.10 or higher
    • cabal
  • Ideas

    • JS console at your fingertips to run stuff in your UI
    • git-backed config
    • shell support
    • OpenID/OAuth support!
    • github integration
      • Even with the OAuth!
    • UI compatibility
      • Look for that emacs emulator in Javascript
    • Needs a packaging system
      • can use Cabal packages for the most part
      • Needs a sandbox for packages
      • Installer that comes with its own GHC?
        • why not? Emacs does.
    • Can dl Python, PHP, etc.
    • Security plugins
    • Add gitit or other Wiki support, blogging, etc.
    • WYSIWYG HTML editor (FCK or similar)
    • Integration with other services like gmail, etc. (Your browser has all your cookies!)