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  • Sometimes rebuilds more than is necessary (possibly due to cabal-install behaviors).
  • Conflicts can occurr when packages are installed to the global package database.
  • short versions of command-line flags, particularly -f<flagname>, are somewhat buggy.
  • maintaining a sandbox for multiple related packages is still laborious (as is necessary when builing large, multi-package projects).
  • Fixed but not well tested (only exercised with ghc7 on 32-bit debian, 6.10 and 6.12 are fairly well covered, though) -- GHC 7: canonicalizePath throws exceptions in recent versions of Directory, which is needed by ghc 7. This causes cabal-dev to fail if the sandbox directory does not already exist. One potential (but untested) workaround is to manually create the sandbox directory first, then run cabal-dev.

Feature Ideas

  • support multiple unpacked packages
  • support a concept of projects:
    • multiple packages with one shared sandbox
    • flags specified on a per-package basis
  • release a library interface to cabal-dev for custom project build scripts
  • Either use, or do not download/unpack the cabal-install source.