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The goal of the project is to enable evaluation of Haskell code in the IPython notebook and support rich display of output.

ihaskell-notebook is implemented as an IPython extention (a "cell magic") which connects to a Haskell application we're calling ghcj. This application use the GHC API directly to handle compilations, imports, and evaluation.


You will need:

  • IPython (tested with v0.13)

    See the install instructions here

  • GHC

    The easiest way to get GHC is to install the Haskell Platform.


  • Checkout this ihaskell-notebook repository

  • chdir to ghcj and build, e.g.

    $ cd ghcj $ cabal-dev install

  • modify the top-level script to reflect the location of ghcj binary

    GHCJ_BINARY = "/home/user/ihaskell-notebook/ghcj/dist/ghcj/ghcj"

  • run in whatever directory you want to use for notebooks

Once in the notebook, create (or load, or upload) a notebook. In the first cell, evaluate:

%load_ext ghcjmagic

From this point on, all subsequent cell evaluations are run through the ghcj cell magic. There is no need to prefix the cells with %%ghcj as you would for a normal IPython cell magic.

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