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Order by fails #4

kbrekke opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Good work on this module. I'm at MS SQL Server 2005 and node.js 0.6.7. I'm experiencing trouble when attempting to do an ORDER BY;

var stmt = conn.createStatement('SELECT TOP 1 * FROM MyDb.dbo.MyTable t ORDER BY t.MyTableId');

This query works in SQL Managmenet Studio. It works without the ORDER BY clause.
I get the following error;

throw err;
Error: Unrecognized type: 169
at TokenStreamPacket._getTokenFromType (/dev/odbctest/node_modules/tds/lib/tokenstream.packet.js:63:15)
at TokenStreamPacket.nextToken (/dev/odbctest/node_modules/tds/lib/tokenstream.packet.js:71:18)
at TdsClient._handleToken (/dev/odbctest/node_modules/tds/lib/tds-client.js:197:35)
at TdsClient._handlePacket (/dev/odbctest/node_modules/tds/lib/tds-client.js:270:19)
at TdsClient. (/dev/odbctest/node_modules/tds/lib/tds-client.js:169:19)
at Socket. (/dev/odbctest/node_modules/tds/lib/tds-client.js:2:59)
at Socket.emit (events.js:67:17)
at TCP.onread (net.js:347:14)


I'm an idiot, I didn't implement this token yet: I will get to it shortly.

@cretz cretz was assigned
@cretz cretz closed this in 8fcaf35
@cretz cretz reopened this

(reopening so that it will become obvious when this is released on npm)


Hey man. Do you wanna push this to npm? I have the same issue and if you have actually fixed it that would be suweet! Thanks for the effort by the way. It's really appreciated.


I need to fix a couple more basic issues before I publish, sorry. But the code can be checked out and used easily as is from master. I commit the compiled JS.

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