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English Dolibarr ChangeLog
***** ChangeLog for 2.8 compared to 2.7 *****
For users:
- New: Add a default errors-to email for emailing module.
- New: Can filter on user on stock movement list.
- New: When creating a third party from a member, it is set as a new
- New: Can use {tttt} in numbering mask setup. It will be replaced
with third party type.
- New: VAT number is stored in one field. This is more "international".
- New: task #9782 : Add possibility to delete a warehouse.
- New: task #9640 : Add label for stock movements.
- New: task #9916 : Add FREE text for interventions card.
- New: Can define the new product ref when cloning.
- Fix: bug #28055 : Unable to modify the date of a cloned command.
- Fix: bug #27891.
- Fix: Change of numbering module was not effective.
- Fix: Change error management when adding already used supplier ref
for a product.
- Fix: Running sending-email.php
For developers:
- Reorganize /dev directory.
***** ChangeLog for 2.7 compared to 2.6 *****
For users:
- New: Add a print icon to show a page to print without menus.
- New: Can add a free text on bank cheque receipts.
- New: Price level can be defined also for prospects.
- New: Add a help and support center.
- New: Can export commercial proposals.
- New: Can use a cache for xcal exports.
- New: Option for faster confirmation process with one ajax popup.
- New: Complete theme bluelagoon and rodolphe
- New: Can select third parties emails in emailing module for all
third parties with expired contract's lines.
- New: Can add a field errors-to in emailing.
- New: Can use inline images in emails.
- New: Add predefined invoices (can be use for repeated invoices).
- New: Add a confirmation when cloning products.
- New: Add stock in product lists.
- New: Can filter list of stock movement on date or product.
- New: Added a link from product list to their stock movements.
- New: Several speed enhancements after using the Google Page speed
plugin for FireBug.
- New: Add a confirmation on dangerous admin purge feature.
- New: Add navigation on donation sheets.
- New: Added estimated value for stocks.
- New: Added module Gravatar to found photo of users or members
from their email on
- New: Include Dolibarr version in suggested dump filename.
- New: Enhancement in project module.
- New: Add log tab on emailing module.
- New: Minor enhancements in look themes.
- New: Add option to hide help in menu.
- New: Added a "force LDAP synchronize" on member and contact cards.
- New: Can split a discount into two smaller discount. This allows to use a
discount on an invoice even if invoice amount is lower than discount
credit available.
- New: Can use variables into the free text on PDF (__TOTAL_TTC_, __TOTAL_VAT...)
- New: Increase page loading speed (all changes reported by Google PageSpeed
tool has been added).
- New: Add support of constant MAIN_ONLY_LOGIN_ALLOWED to allow to lock all
access to any users except the one defined in constant.
- New: Add an admin page of PHP sessions with a way to lock new connections
for other users than yourself. Can also purge existing sessions.
- New: Add point of sale module.
- New: Better usage when using with smartphones.
- New: Add module FTP client.
- New: Can set first day of week.
- New: Installer now create a .htaccess to protect documents directory.
- New: Experimental support for Postgresql.
- New: Full support of SMTPS (can works with Google SMTP).
- Fix: "Now" link works when date popup is not used.
- Fix: Debug seriously the email notification module.
- Fix: Error Call to a member function trans when refusing a supplier order.
- Fix: Fix payment conditions on commercial proposals.
- Fix: Nb of orders to process was wrong.
- Fix: Customer code was not correct on PDF it if contains special
- Fix: Can update price even with "NPR" VAT rates.
- Fix: When product type is missing, description is not lost when adding
new product lines.
- Fix: CC and BCC in emails was not used if using SMTPS handler.
- Fix: Last character was lost when text end with n or r.
- Fix: LDAP synchronization is now more robust (transaction and
use modify instead of delete/add).
- Fix: Fix: Setup of member synchronization does not conflict
with contact or user synchronization.
For translators:
- Update some language files.
- Can accept right to left languages. Added an "automatic" arabe translation.
For developers:
- An external module can force the third party code to be required whatever
is the rule of third party code module.
- Update fckeditor to 2.6.4.
- Update Smarty to 2.6.26.
- Removed some deprecated code and files.
- Creation of directory in module descriptor is simpler.
- Can use an alternate document_root directory to develop with
sources on two repositories.
- Removed useless code of old commercial module.
- Move some modules into the CVS modules repository dolibarrmod. This reduces
amount of code in main branch.
- Updated wiki documentation.
- Better W3C standard.
- Can add init data when enabling a module.
- Can fix some corruptions in database by calling the update page
- Log files contains more information (PHP_SELD added and OS user used for
log of command lines scripts)
- Can protect a module to not being enabled if javascript disabled.
- If module numberwords is installed, code can use langs->getLabelFromNumber
to get value of an amount in text.
- A module can add subsitution keys in makesubsitutions() functions.
- Add $conf->browser->phone defined to optimise code for smartphone browsers.
- All external libs are now in same directory /includes.
- All install files are now in same directory /install.
***** ChangeLog for 2.6 compared to 2.5 *****
For users:
- New: Add filter on status in emailing selector for Dolibarr users.
- New: Can add bookmarks on all pages.
- New: Enhance bank transactions reporting.
- New: When creating a contact from a third party, informations from third
party card are automatically suggested.
- New: Sort list of languages in combo box.
- New: EMails links are show with function dol_print_email
- New: Add graph report on number of entities in product statistics page.
- New: Can delete a supplier order whatever is its status.
- New: No limit on free text on PDF generated documents.
- New: Can force login value when creating a user from a member.
- New: Can clone commercial proposals and orders.
- New: Major enhancement of project module.
- New: Added product label in invoice exports fields.
- New: Add VAT number in export fields.
- New: Upgrade FPDF to 1.6
- New: Upgrade Scriptaculous to 1.8.2 and Prototype to
- New: Added keywords in PDF.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_COMPRESSION.
- New: Add attachments on intervention cards.
- New: Can add personalized fields in emailing selectors.
- New: Customer code and supplier code can be defined automatically.
- New: Emailing feature can extract civility from contacts.
- New: Can create a third party from a member of foundation module.
- New: Can set a limit for stock alert to 0.
- New: Support SMTPS.
- New: Added a page /support to provide a help center service on Dolibarr.
- New: Distinct status "running not expired" from "running expired" in lines
contract status.
- New: Add a first version of a module for Paybox.
- New: Can add contact to suppliers orders.
- New: Changes to support the external Bit Torrent module.
- New: Can filter on social contribution type in list.
- New: Upload of joined files need create/modify permissions to work.
- New: For admin users, show the SQL request in export build.
- New: Can modify proposal date if status is draft.
- New: The help link on some pages now links directly to the wiki web page.
- New: Enhancements in barcode module.
- New: Can use decimal values in stocks.
- Fix: Partial payment on social contributions not shown on main page.
- Fix: Handle correctly the comment in status changing of supplier orders.
- Fix: Author, title and topic are correctly encoded in PDF.
- Fix: Now HTML output is always UTF8, this solve bad PDF encoding on old
- Fix: Save new model when changed on interventions.
- Fix: Failed to go on the future view of bank transaction if there is no
future bank transaction already wrote.
- Fix: Bad ref in supplier list.
- Fix: Bad link in product statistics for supplier referrers.
- Fix: Usage of reset of cursor in personalized numbering modules for a particular
month (@ option) was broken.
- Can add contacts to a supplier invoice.
- Fix: When an invoice is changed back to status draft, warehouse is increased
- Fix: Category of a bank transaction was not saved.
- Fix: Clicktodial plugin works correctly now
- Fix: Multiprices features works correctly.
- Fix: Project module and task creation.
- Fix: Validation of order if a file was attached.
- Fix: A lot of fixes in PDF generators.
- Fix: Bad line/page break with long description of products on PDF.
- Fix: Option force invoice date to validation date working correctly.
- Fix: Creation of a member from the example public page works.
For translators:
- Added 10 more new language files.
- Added autotranslator tool. A tool to build/update automatically
languages files using Google API for a new language. Wonderful to start a
new translation.
For developers:
- Removed some deprecated files.
- Removed treemenu library.
- Renamed all function dolibarr_xxx into dol_xxx to have same prefix everywhere.
- Rewrite clone feature for supplier invoice to work like other clone features.
- First change to manage a future feature "stock PMP value".
- A module can add a new tab in third party view tabs.
- First change for future geoip module.
***** ChangeLog for 2.5 compared to 2.4 *****
For users:
- Sessions timeout can be configured to overwrite PHP setup.
- Can filter on date in services list.
- Support bookmark add of product cards.
- Enhancement in stock management (Automatic increase/decrease
from order or invoice is possible).
- New filter options in prospect lists (category and level).
- New view in ECM module.
- Look enhancements for graphics (add transparency).
- Added statistics report for supplier invoices.
- Added average amount in invoices statistics reports.
- Can move a contract line to another contract of same third party.
- Add an export definition to export interventions.
- Can set umask file permissions on Unix/Linux/BSD systems.
- Miscelanous bug fixes.
- A lot of other enhancements to increase productivity.
- All phone numbers show the clicktodial link if module is enabled.
- Can define hour and minutes in intervention cards.
- Can edit a validated intervention.
- Add filters on intervention list.
- Add juridical status and number of employees in third party
export definition.
- A lot of enhancements and translation in withdraw module.
- Full support of Mysql option mode=strict.
- Added a new event from member module to agenda tracked events.
- Can attach a file to suppliers orders.
- Change to make Bank Account Number form more "internationnal".
- Can clone an invoice.
- Can clone an emailing.
- Reduce memory usage (about 2%).
- Add weight and size in sendings module.
- Add a fast search form on left menu for member module.
- Fix: Do not show export filter for disabled modules
- Show greyed lines for not allowed export filters.
- Add nature in product fields (manufactured product or not).
- Add export filters for category module and trip and expenses module.
- Can choose login of dolibarr account created when create from contact
For translators:
- The errors language file contains only error or warning messages with
prefix Error or Warning.
- HTML Output is by default in UTF8 and language files can be provided
in UTF8.
For developers:
- Update skeletons (some fixes and add function createFromClone).
- Add an experimental Cash Desk module.
- Added new triggers events in agenda module.
- All submodules are moved in the includes directory.
- Removed some deprecated files.
- Menu managers now use same class name for their menu entry
and add a different value in an HTML id for each entry. This allows
to build skins that use different style for each menu entry.
- All emails and url HTML output use same function.
- Add more integrity check on database
- Can disable modules on logon page. This make possible to
have several profiles of demo with only one demo. Also added a new
Dolibarr demo front page (in htdocs/public/demo).
- Allow modules to add new tabs.
***** ChangeLog for 2.4 compared to 2.2 *****
For users:
- Add a calendar module (module agenda) with ical/vcal/rss export.
- Look enhancement in graphics (thanks artichow).
- Add tel and fax on delivery addresses.
- Add a tool to edit personalized menu.
- Add an ical and vcal export link in agenda and webcalendar module.
- Reduce memory usage.
- Now triggers are enabled/disabled according to module they refers to.
- Fix infinite loop on popup calendar.
- Change in tanslation to make Dolibarr easier to understand.
- Add a warning when sending a mail from a user with no email defined.
- Added clicktodial module.
- Add a property private/public in contact. This allows to user Dolibarr
for a personnal address book.
- French NAF code can accept 5 chars.
- Supplier prices can be input with or without taxe.
- New generic numbering modules to offer more solutions for generating
automatic id.
- Add new predefined exports wizards (stocks, suppliers, taxes...).
- Add feature to log security events (logon, change of users, passwords).
- Can link all documents (included supplier invoices and orders) to a
- Can attach several files to email when sending an invoice, order or
proposal by email.
- Can choose accuracy (number of decimals) for prices.
- Localization for decimal and thousand delimiter on number is fully
- More informations reported in system information pages.
- Add a budget report.
- Added a security audit report.
- Other minor changes (features, look, fixes)
- Added compatibility with Firefox 3.
- Changes for compatibility with PHP6/Mysql6.
- Some bug fixes.
For translators:
- Added spanish es_ES translation.
- Added en_AU translation.
For developers:
- Removed useless code:
Replaced phplot and phplot5 librairies by artichow.
Removed cryptograph library replaced by artichow.
- Login functions are now externalised as modules.
- Update code skeletons examples.
- Several enhancements to make addon development easier.
- Add a tool to generate PHP classes completely mapped to a table.
- Added a check to enable external modules only if dolibarr version is
high enough.
- Changes in wizard installer to allow building autoexe installer for
Windows with Apache and Mysql included.
***** ChangeLog for 2.2 compared to 2.1 *****
- Add more statistics on main page.
- Add option to add message on login page.
- Management of categories for third parties.
- Add volume on products properties.
- Support for LDAP authentication.
- Full member synchronisation with LDAP database in
fundation module.
- More LDAP fields supported for user synchronization.
- Better logger for install.
- First changes to support UTF8.
- Add a "forget password" feature.
- Setup process can run several migrate files if need
to jump several versions to upgrade.
- Support for webcalendar 1.1 in webcalendar module.
- Support for menu in database.
- Better support for using Dolibarr on more WHP.
- Removed some deprecated files and clean code.
- New theme: Auguria
- Removed PHP warnings.
- Some bugs fixes.
- Traduction more complete.
- Better code comments for Doxygen documentation.
- Better support of vcard export format.
- A lot of security enhancements (no more password in log files,
crypted password in database, in config file...).
- Themes are full CSS compliant.
- A lot of other minor changes...
- Option to scan uploaded document by an antivirus.
- Transparency for picto files works with IE.
- Can drag and drop boxes on main page.
***** ChangeLog for 2.1 compared to 2.0.1 *****
- Added a better installer.
- Support user and groups permissions.
- Translation in english and support for several languages.
- New enhanced look and several new themes.
- Small search boxes for each Dolibarr elements (invoices, contracts,
orders, proposals...)
- Added an export assistant module to export main dolibarr data.
- Added backup tool to backup database via mysqldump.
- Added product categories management with a categorie tree.
- Management of companies' discounts (relative or absolute).
- Support credit note and discounts (relative and absolute) on
commercial proposal, orders and invoices.
- Support multi-langual description for products.
- Graphical enhancements (picto to describe all status).
- Added more permissions (ie: can restrict access for a commercial user
to elements of its companies only).
- Little enhancements to OSCommerce module.
- Added a second OSCommerce module working through web services.
- Added a Mantis module to have a Mantis application in Dolibarr menu.
- Building a PDF document for invoices works like other modules. You
can change model just before generating the PDF.
- Can generate documents (PDF) for customer orders. Can send them by mail.
- Added FPDI and FPDI_Protection (ie: PDF with password-protection)
- Can make one payment for several supplier invoices.
- Rule to suggests passwords when creating a user are in modules
allowing to add easily other rules.
- Option to encrypt passwords in database (MD5).
- Add Dolibarr triggers support on users creation/change.
- Add Dolibarr triggers support on payments.
- Add Dolibarr triggers on supplier and customers orders.
- Webcalendar triggers for actions on Member module.
- Support optionnal new javascript popup selector for date fields.
- Support for several RSS boxes in external RSS module. Setup easier.
- Can attach documents on Action, Orders, Invoices, Commercial proposals.
- Can attach contacts on proposals, orders, contracts, invoices.
- Preview on results of PDF generator modules in setup pages.
- Code cleaner. Remove unused or duplicate code.
- Save and show last connexion date for users.
- Enhancements on a lot of forms for better ergonomy.
- Can add/remove company logo.
- Added LDAP synchronisation for users, groups and/or contacts.
- Can configure your own SMTP server/port for mail sendings.
- Works even on "UTF8 by default" systems (Mysql, Linux...)
- Better compatibility with different PHP version or setup.
- Added mysqli driver.
- Add a WISIWYG editor (FCKEditor) to edit note and comment areas.
- Added AJAX features like a 'search product selector'.
- Modules boxes on main page can be dragged and dropped (with firefox only).
- Support for PHP5.
- Experimental support for Postgresql (not working yet, but waiting feedbacks).
- Removed obsolete files and documentation.
- Added admin tools (backup and files purge).
- Added a tool to build a lang package.
- Added a tool to build a module package.
- Added a tool to build a theme package.
- Traduction more complete.
- Added skeletons for code examples.
- Lot of fixes after 2.0 release not fixed in 2.0.1.
- Added more security option (ie: encrypted password in database)
***** ChangeLog for 2.0.1 compared to 2.0 *****
Minor bug fixes
***** ChangeLog for 2.0 compared to 1.0 *****
ChangeLog file size is so important, that it is not included inside Dolibarr
package. You can find it at
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