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2017-01-09 21.46.25.jpg
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Pen case designed to be laser cut out of leather.

This is a work in process trying to figure out how to use the laser cutter to cut leather.

  • This is an attempt at being properly parametric, but it's not there yet.
  • There is a gap at the transition from the straight lines to the corner
  • This looks like a double-hole at the moment. I am hoping the stitching hides this flaw for now
  • I want to see if I can engrave the stitch lines into the leather yet.
  • Any emblem will need to be added into the laser cutter software.

Output .dxf alt tag

Laser Cut Leather ![alt tag](./2017-01-09 21.46.25.jpg)

Pen Case ![alt tag](./2017-01-09 21.47.50.jpg)

Youtube Video of what I am attempting to do Youtube Video of what I am attempting to do