How to configure Crew

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Configure internal repositories location

This is the location where Crew stores its internal git repositories : you will never need to go there.
So it must be writable by your web server user (ex: www-data).
For example, if your repositories clones are to be stored in /my/path

./symfony crew:config set repositories_path /my/path

Create users

./symfony crew:create-user login password DisplayedNickname

Setup SSH communication

Apache user of Crew's server must be able to communicate with remote server.

If your project is private, generate SSH key for apache user :

sudo -u www-data ssh-keygen -t rsa

And setup read-only access on your remote with its public key /var/www/.ssh/

Don't forget to update your known_hosts :

sudo -u www-data ssh -T (GitHub example)

Add project

Before adding your first project :

Login with your new created user and go to the Crew's administration page : http://your-crew-server/crew/admin.php/
Then, add a project :

  • Project name : name of your project (ex: BombArena)
  • Read-Only remote url : your git project origin, read only access recommended (ex: git://
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