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title: "patentsview"
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```{r, echo = FALSE, message = FALSE}
collapse = TRUE,
comment = "#>"
> An R Client to the PatentsView API
[![Linux Build Status](](
[![AppVeyor Build Status](](
## Installation
You can get the stable version from CRAN:
```{r eval = FALSE}
Or the development version from GitHub:
```{r eval = FALSE}
if (!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")
## Basic usage
The [PatentsView API]( provides an interface to a disambiguated version of USPTO. The `patentsview` R package provides one main function, `search_pv()`, to make it easy to interact with that API:
search_pv(query = '{"_gte":{"patent_date":"2007-01-01"}}')
## Learning more
Head over to the package's [webpage]( for more info, including:
* A [getting started vignette]( for first-time users. The package was also introduced in an [rOpenSci blog post](
* An in-depth tutorial on [writing queries](
* A list of [examples](
* Two data applications (e.g., discovering the [top assignees]( in the field of databases)