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Crewmate is a project management software, a community fork of Teambox v3, built on Ruby on Rails with a focus on collaboration.

Crewmate workflow is project-centered; each project being visible only to people invited to it. Projects have a status wall, conversations, tasks, shared pages and file uploads. You can even post to everywhere just using email.

Crewmate is open-source software, meaning you can also download it, change its code and host yourself.

Project info


Hop to our wiki to get detailed information on installing Crewmate.


Follow our contributor guide on our github wiki.

You don't need to be a programmer to contribute to the project, you can contribute ideas and help with debugging in the Issues queue. You can also help with translation of the project, we work these translations through Transifex and it has an intuitive web interface. Contact us to get involved! :)

Thanks to the many Ruby projects we're using and the Famfamfam icon collection.


Join us in our GITTER channel to discuss the project.

What's new in this fork?


  • Disabled 'community mode' so you can now create more than one organizations. Every organization may have its own projects (like as in hosted version).
  • Implemented authentication via LDAP with automatic account creation. Also fixed "Forgot your password" to work correctly with users authenticated via LDAP.
  • Added LDAP support for invitations. When you invite colleague by username and he's known in LDAP, it will automatically create user account for him and send e-mail invitation for log-in.
  • Changed default time-zone to Prague and first day of week to monday :-)
  • Introduced new role named supervisor and ability to create organizations. You can allow creating new organizations only to supervisors (or every user like as before).
  • Option to set organization as default for all new users; every newly signed user will be automatically added to all default organizations as participant (i.e. will be able to create new projects).
  • Support for Google Analytics tracking.

Bug fixies

  • Used fixed gem Immortal that works correctly with PostgreSQL etc.
  • Fixed OAuth authentication controller for Google (see this page).
  • Fixed broken processing of incoming e-mail attachments and multipart messages (thanks to mrtorrent for the first part). Added filter that removes attachments of unwanted MIME type. That's for removing S/MIME signature files which are useless in Teambox.
  • Fixed issue with incoming e-mails that contains non-ASCII compatible characters (e.g. Czech diacritic). This charset problem was even with text/plain in UTF-8! Successfully tested: ordinary text/plain email, multipart emails - S/MIME signed, with inline picture, with any attachments and all combinations. I suppose that every e-mail has at least one text/plain part, HTML-only emails doesn't work.


Community fork of Teambox-3 with LDAP support, option to disable “community mode” and more…




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