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librem README

librem is a Audio and video processing media library Copyright (C) 2010 - 2018

Build Status


  • Audio buffer
  • Audio sample format conversion
  • Audio file reader/writer
  • Audio mixer
  • Audio resampler
  • Audio tone generator
  • Audio codec (G.711)
  • DTMF decoder
  • Video mixer
  • Video pixel converter
  • FIR-filter


librem is using GNU makefiles, and libre must be installed before building.

Build with default options

$ make
$ sudo make install
$ sudo ldconfig


The online documentation generated with doxygen is available in the main website


The librem project is using the BSD license.


Patches can sent via Github Pull-Requests or to the RE devel mailing-list. Currently we only accept small patches. Please send private feedback to libre [at]


Audio Modules:

  name:     status:       description:

* au        testing       Base audio types
* aubuf     testing       Audio buffer
* auconv    unstable      Audio sample format conversion
* aufile    testing       Audio file reader/writer
* aumix     unstable      Audio mixer
* auresamp  unstable      Audio resampler
* autone    testing       Tone/DTMF generator
* dtmf      unstable      DTMF decoder
* g711      stable        G.711 audio codec

Video Modules:

  name:     status:       description:

* avc       unstable      Advanced Video Coding (AVC)
* vid       testing       Base video types
* vidconv   testing       Colorspace conversion and scaling
* vidmix    unstable      Video mixer

Generic modules:

* dsp       testing       DSP routines
* flv       unstable      Flash Video File Format
* fir       unstable      FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter
* goertzel  unstable      Goertzel Algorithm


  • ITU-T G.711 Appendix I and Appendix II

Supported platforms

Same as libre

Related projects