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CRG, Barcelona/EMBL Systems biology unit — a case of research misconduct in Spain (ERC/Horizont2020 funding), details and comments on this repository docs:

How Luis Serrano, CRG Director, and his favorite Maria Lluch-Senar make biomed research excellent
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Another example of research misconduct made in CRG double publication/post-publication data manipulation by CRG, Barcelona, tops (on PubPeer):

  1. image manipulation by their PI M. P. Cosma
  2. which is supported by a fraudulent report ordered by

CRG/EMBL Systems Biology unit tops in action:

  • Luis Serrano, CRG Director and head of EMBL Systems Biology unit at the time, ICREA professor
  • Juan Valcarcel, PI
  • Jaume Bertranpetit, Scientific Director ICREA

— so these so called scientists have a licence to lie…

replica of this repository on DropBox

<<< EMBL, ERC, other CRG tops know about all this shame and keep silent complicity.