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Game Rules

Pick-A-Spy Games

Other Games


There is a Spy among you. Can you figure out who your allies are before the Spy can figure out what you're talking about?

Every player will be given a location except the Spy. Once the game starts you have 5 minutes to figure out who the Spy is or figure out the location as the Spy.

This is done exclusively by asking questions. "Why are you dressed so strangely?" or "When was the last time we got a payday?". Anyone can ask first and the person who just answered asks the next question. Don't give away the location with an obvious question and don't give away the fact that you're the Spy! To spice things up, you are also given a location specific role to play. This will help you get into character and answer questions. Unless, of course, you're the Spy.

The game ends when either:

  1. The Spy announces they are the Spy and guesses the location. If they are correct, they win!
  2. The other players unanimously vote to accuse someone of being the Spy. If they're right, they win!

Mafia / Werewolf

This game is a game of tense elimination. The Baddies (Mafia/Werewolf) killing villagers by night, the whole town lynching suspects by day. Paranoia and deception reign.


Narrator - The Omnicient Storyteller. You don't get to play or vote, but has the task of weaving the story of this town.

Sheriff/Seer - The Informant. During the Night, you get to secretly ask the Narrator if any other player is a Baddie. Use this power wisely.

Doctor/Healer - The Savior. At the end of the Night, you get to secretly pick any player and if that player had been attacked in the Night, they don't die, including yourself.


After everyone has their roles, you go right into the Night phase, where the Narrator leads everyone through the following steps.

  1. Everyone closes their eyes.
  2. The Baddies open their eyes and choose another player to eliminate, then close their eyes.
  3. The Sheriff/Seer opens their eyes and chooses another player to investigate, then closes their eyes.
  4. The Doctor/Healer opens their eyes and chooses another player to heal. If that player had been chosen by the Baddies to die, they are saved from death.
  5. Everyone opens their eyes and the Narrator weaves a tale of how the killed player died... or nearly died. No other information should be conveyed.

After this, it is Day. All the players now have to decide who to eliminate. Once a player is eliminated, the Night phase begins.

If all the Baddies are eliminated, the Villagers win! If a Daytime elinimation leaves the players to be half or more Baddies, the Baddies win.

Two Rooms and a Boom

The President is in town, and the Resistance is making its move. Can you figure out who the leader is, and will you succeed?

Two Rooms and a Boom divides the players into two teams (Blue and Red) and two rooms. You won't know who is on what team at first, nor who the most important members of each team are. The Blue Team has the President they are trying to keep safe. The Red Team has the Bomber, who is crucial to the success of the mission. If the game ends with the President and the Bomber in the same room, Red Team wins.

Once you have your roles, split off into two rooms as evenly as possible. Your first order of business is to elect a Room Leader, who makes the final decision of who is swapped in the Hostage Exchange. Anyone in the room can call a vote to make themselves Room Leader, and if majority rules, it is so.

During the Round, you need to set about determining who is friend and who is foe. You can agree to share or exchange information with any other player. You can choose to reveal your team and your role, or just your team (by scrolling down to hide that information). If you're Red, you want to get the Bomber and the President together after the last Hostage Exchange. If you're Blue, you don't want that to happen. Get to work!

There will be three rounds, a 3-minute round, a 2-minute round, and a 1-minute round. At the end of each round, the two Room Leaders will meet and simultaneously announce which Hostages will be switching rooms. The number of Hostages is determined by the number of players in the game:

3-minute Round 2-minute Round 1-minute Round
6-10 Players 1 hostage 1 hostage 1 hostage
11-21 Players 2 hostage 1 hostage 1 hostage
22+ Players 3 hostage 2 hostage 1 hostage

At the end of the last exchange, the President and the Bomber reveal themselves. If they are in the same room, the Assassination was successful and Red Team wins. If they are in different rooms, the plot has been foiled and Blue Team wins.


Hide your identity and amass your fortune... but do you really know who you are?

You will need some pennies and nickels to keep score for this one. Two nickels and four pennies per person is ideal, but probably too much. You will also need to designate a place to stack the coins amassed by the Courthouse.

Every player starts with 6 coins. You win the game if you get 13 coins. If any player goes bankrupt, the game ends and the richest player wins.

Starting with the youngest player, you will have the option to do one of the following on your turn.

1/ Check your card

Take a peek at your card to confirm your identity.

2/ Swap cards with another player

Take your card and any other player's card and hold them under the table where nobody - not even you - can see them. Shuffle them about and return one to the original player and the other in front of you. Neither of you may look at your card after this. You are welcome to intentionally swap - or not swap - the two cards, but do so carefully: you must shuffle the cards about for a few seconds and you cannot look at what you're doing.

Bonus: for a better game, the first four turns should be spent solely swapping cards. This uncertainty will vastly improve the game.

3/ Announce "your" card and use that power

Every role has its own special power. You have the option to announce your role and use the power of the card that is face down in front of you - or not. If no one challenges you, you do not have to prove your role.

However, when a player announces a role that you have, you may reveal your card to prove them wrong. If you succeed in proving them wrong, use your rightful power immediately. Whomever is caught - or wrong - pays one coin to the Courthouse. If it's your turn immediately after, you must swap cards (no doubles).

Role Power
Spy Looks at their card, another player's card, then swaps - or not.
Bishop Takes 2 gold coins from the richest player.
Judge Takes all of the courthouse's gold.
Thief Takes 1 gold coin from both adjacent players.
Queen Receives 2 gold coins.
King Receives 3 gold coins.
Witch Swaps their entire fortune with that of another player of their choice.
Peasant Receives 1 gold coin. There are two Peasants. When announced, any number of the other players may also announce they are a Peasant, and all claimers reveal to prove it. If two peasants are revealed, they each receive 2 gold coins, all impostors pay their fine.
Fool Gets 1 gold coin and swaps - or not - two cards other than their own.
Cheat Wins the game if they have 10 or more gold coins.
Widow Immediately brings their coin fortune up to 10.
Inquisitor Points at another player, who must guess who their character is or give the Inquisitor 4 gold coins