A tool for analyzing Scratch programs / A learning experience
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A tool for analyzing Scratch projects / A learning experience.

Scratch 2.0 File Format

The new Scratch file format is a zip-compressed json file. You can see the example .sb2 file here and the upzipped .sb2 file here. These files correspond to this online Scratch project.


The original project was created in Processing, an extension of Java for artists. It was used to analyze the projects created by middle-schoolers participating in the experimental IJIMS summer camp.

Since then, Scratch has moved from an offline program with an online community to a fully online experience. Having stopped development in 2011, the change left the Scrape tools and its own community, Happy Analyzing, behind in obsoletion.

The project was open-sourced on November 15th, 2016.


web - an experimental web interface for analyzing Scratch 2.x projects. They can be added via .sb2 or by URL.