LabView control software for measuring resistance vs temperature.
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This LabView software was developed for recording resistivity vs temperature using a Keithley sourcemeter and LakeShore temperature controller.

Note that communication with either device can be toggled on and off. (Useful for debugging communication issues.)

Hardware Requirements

Temperature Control: LakeShore 331

SourceMeter: Keithley 26XX series (tested with 2635A)

Labview vi Requirements

Saving data:


Source: Included in this repository

Communicating with LakeShore 331 temperature controller:

  • lsci331u.llb
  • lsci331.llb
  • Lake Shore Cryotronics 331.lvlib

Source: (for LabView 8.2)

Communicating with Keithley 26XX sourcemeter:

  • KE26XX.lvlib