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Running CRI-O with kubeadm

This tutorial assumes you've already installed and setup CRI-O. If you have not, start here. It also assumes you've set up your system to use kubeadm. If you haven't done so, here is a good tutorial

Configuring CNI

First, CRI-O and kubeadm reset don't play well together, as kubeadm reset empties /etc/cni/net.d/. Therefore, it is good to change the in crio.conf to somewhere kubeadm won't touch.

Further, you'll need to use your plugins to figure out your pod-network-cidr. If you use the default bridge plugin defined here, set CIDR= If you're using a flannel network, set CIDR=

Configuring kubelet

There is a handy, preprepared /etc/default/kubelet file here This will configure kubeadm to run with the correct defaults CRI-O needs to run.

Note: This file assumes you've set your cgroup_driver as systemd

Running kubeadm

Given you've set CIDR, and you've properly set the kubelet file, all you need to do is start crio (as defined here), and run: kubeadm --pod-network-cidr=$CIDR

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