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HomeAssistant Configuration Backup

This is my personal configuration backup repository for my home automation system using Home Assistant

General Approach

I'm still working through how I want things to be organized but packages are definitely going to be the way forward.

Projects of note:

Device List:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 running Home Assistant
  • Aeotec Z-stick gen 5 for Z-wave integration
  • Asus Dark Knight router running AsusWRT for presence detection
  • Loads of Z-wave GE/Jasco Switches
  • Loads of Z-wave GE/Jasco Lights
  • GE/Jasco Z-wave fan controllers
  • Sonoff switches running alternate firmware
  • Various ESP8266 nodes collecting sensor data and controlling various automations
  • Amazon Kindle Fire 7 tablet running ha-floorplan
  • Open Sprinker Pi OpenSprinkler
  • Amazon Dash buttons

Future Projects:

  • Create and install more sensors nodes around the house
  • Custom Fire 7 mounts (in progress)
  • convert old home alarm system to sensor nodes
  • Garage controller and vehicle sensor

There's probably more stuff I forgot about. Go ahead and snoop around!


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