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An Analysis of Roku logs
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Roku Log Analysis

The inital purpose of this research is to review PiHole Logs associated with a Roku's logging activity.Takes PiHole logs generated on a PiHole machine and parses out all Roku generated traffic that's resident within the logs. The primary purpose is to determine the amount of data a Roku is generating and how much of that data is non-streaming information being sent back to the Roku logging servers.


usage: [-h] -d  -l  [-p]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -d , --directory   Output directory
  -l , --logs        Location of PiHole Logs
  -p , --pcap        Path of PCAP file

At this time, the PCAP analysis is disabled. Feel free to fork this and edit the pcap analysis method at your leisure. I will update the script to enable a more comprehensive PCAP analysis in time. Right now, I am gathering more logs.

Twitter: Jfaust0


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