A Django template leveraging Twitter Bootstrap 2.1 and runtime building/compression.
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Now updated for Django 1.4.1 and Bootstrap 2.1

Django Twitter Bootstrap

The goal of Django Twitter Bootstrap is quite simple - provide a base Django project which handles the build process of Twitter Bootstrap 2.1 via django-compress. Basically, using this template, it will be easy to see how you can include more LESS files (and even coffeescript) and have Django build (and with DEBUG = False, concat and compress) these files for production use.


You must have lessc and node globally accessible. On OSX, I used Macports to install node, added a symbolic link to /usr/bin/node and then used Node Package Manager (npm) to install lessc via the following:

npm install --global less

If you can run the test pages (no syncdb required), then you're golden.


I will keep an eye on Twitter Bootstrap and update my code as necessary. If I'm behind, let me know!

I Need Help With...

I would love for someone to help me standardize this project a little further. Ideally without too many more requirements, better logging and media support would be great settings for a starter project like this!