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Setting up

1. Fork the repo

2. Clone the repo using your fork

$ git clone<your git username>/bayaninhand.git

3. Do a bundle install

$ bundle install

Please use Ruby 1.9.2.

4. Edit config/database.yml to reflect your database

5. Setup your database

$ rake db:create
$ rake db:test:prepare
$ rake db:seed

6. Check if all tests are passing

$ bundle exec cucumber

Start coding!


1. Clone the repo using the steps above

2. Create a feature branch

$ cd bayaninhand
$ git checkout -b new_feature

Be descriptive in the feature name and use underscores. Also, don't make it too long as it will make it harder for you to push in the long run.

3. Create tests, do your changes, pass tests, commit.

Please use atomic commits and make the commit messages short but descriptive. "Fixed bug" is not a very descriptive commit message but "Fixed 'insert bug description here' bug" is okay (You don't have to tell how you fixed it, just what the bug was).

4. Push your changes to your feature branch.

$ git push origin new_feature

5. Create a pull request

Go to and click "Pull request" in the upper right. Add some comments and press "Send pull request".

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