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commit 33742c63705a48576ce42923c9bdbaa1036a45c2 1 parent ea5bd4b
Thijs van der Vossen tvandervossen authored
BIN  design/OpenInBrowser.xcf
Binary file not shown
BIN  design/PassengerPref-128.png
BIN  design/PassengerPref-256.png
BIN  design/PassengerPref-32.png
BIN  design/PassengerPref-32.xcf
Binary file not shown
BIN  design/PassengerPref-512.png
BIN  design/icon-128.png
BIN  design/icon-32.png
10,256 design/
8,918 additions, 1,338 deletions not shown
BIN  design/label.xcf
Binary file not shown
6,867 design/
0 additions, 6,867 deletions not shown
6,265 design/sticker.pdf
0 additions, 6,265 deletions not shown
BIN  resources/PassengerPref.icns
Binary file not shown
BIN  resources/label.png

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