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Electron tutorial app

Electron tutorial app

An electron application for tutorials


This post contains installation instructions


# Topic Description
01 Hello world tutorial Get electron running on your computer
02 Testing electron app on Ubuntu Set up a VirtualBox virtual machine running Ubuntu and share app
03 Electron app navigation Add a left menu and make it load new sections
04 Electron frameless window A frameless window is a window that has no chrome, the parts of the window, like toolbars, that are not a part of the web page
05 Electron white screen app startup This post will cover how to fix the electron white screen app startup
06 Electron app icons Adding icons to the app
07 Electron packager tutorial Creating packages for mac, windows and linux
08 Electron menu Adding a main menu to your Electron app
09 Electron localization Translating an Electron app
10 Main process and Renderer process in Electron A simple explanation
11 IPCMain and IPCRenderer Communicating between main and renderer process
12 Electron asar Packaging the app with asar
13 DMG Installer Creating a DMG-installer for macOS
14 Windows installer Creating a windows installer with electron-winstaller
15 Debian package installer Create a debian package