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Dux is a converter from markdown to ready to deploy website for documentation.
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Dux Logo

Dux (/dʌks, dʊks/; plural: ducēs)

Dux is a converter from markdown to ready to deploy websites for documentation.

It is built to lead people easily through your documentation

The idea came from the fact that I always wanted a simple consistent design for my documentation. And when I saw that services like gitbook and more were changing to become payed services. I thought why not design my own.

Markdown makes documentation writting very easy and simple and this can also be used for simple documentation.

Things To Know

  • Each left menu item is equivalent to a .md file
  • The syntax highlight for inline code is js
  • If there is no Code Block design uses one main column
  • Generates a one page website in: duxOutput


A simple command line will let you convert your directory into a beautiful documentation website.

npm start <projectName> <projectDirectory>


npm start DuxApi md

You can also install the npm package globally:

npm install -g dux-documentation

You can then execute Dux with:

dux <projectName> <projectDirectory>

Render example:

Design Example

Dux Design

To Do

  • Change css to SASS for customization
  • Add Is-Active to menu on navigateContent
  • Review template for menu to add ID of nav-item
  • Being able to handle Code language specification

Future implementation

  • tables
  • .dux extension for more customizable .md
  • cards (custom example)

Dux Card

<div class="box message-preview">
  <div class="top">
    <div class="avatar">
      <img src="">
    <div class="address">
      <div class="name">John Smith</div>
      <div class="email"></div>
    <div class="content">
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