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Developer Coding Evaluation


Say hello to the Cardinal Solutions coding evaluation. You'll be taking a single page mockup and converting it to HTML, CSS, Javascript. Fork this repository to begin your project. All assets (images, fonts) are included in the project. You're welcome to set up the code and folder structure however you wish. All HTML, CSS, and Javascript must be writen from scratch.

  • Task runners like Gulp or Webpack can be used
  • A pre-processor like Sass can also be used.
  • UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Material, may not be used.
  • The UI may be built in static HTML or you may use React, Angular, Vue or the like.

Once complete, your site should be deployed to Github Pages.


  1. Desktop
  2. Mobile

Evaluation Criteria

Code (25 points)

  • Cleanliness (0-10)
    All code (HTML/CSS/JS) is organized, readable, efficient and current. Folder structure is well organized.
  • Semantics (0-10)
    Logical elements and class/ID names are used.
  • Validation (0-5)
    HTML will be validated with the W3C Markup Validation Service. 100% valid HTML isn't necessary but thoroughness is encouraged.

User Experience (40 points)

  • Match Original Design (0-10)
    Submission should match original design as closely as possible.
  • Accessibility (0-10)
    Smart choices - Covers any accessibility concerns, Elements that should be text are text, buttons are flexible, rollovers look good, etc.
  • Interactions (0-10)
    Additional states (rollovers, focus, etc) are not in place in the original design. These should be treated in a way that is consistent with the original design.
  • Responsive (0-10)
    The submission should be responsive across multiple form factors and platforms

Browser Support, Optimization, & Performance (35 points)

  • Modern Browser Support (0-10)
    Submission should render well in in the latest versions of: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge
  • Legacy Browser Support (0-5)
    Submission should gracefully degrade in Internet Explorer 10 & 11
  • Overall Project Size (0-10)
    Anything that is custom for this project needs to be able to be examined.
  • Resource Optimization (0-10)
    Files, fonts, images, and code should be optimized for speed and efficiency.
 All libraries, frameworks, javascript, images, and css must be included in the project. Do not link to external libraries or frameworks.

Extra Points (10 points)

  • Build System (0-5)
    Using a task runner like Gulp or Webpack can be used to automate optimizations and creating production-ready files. The source files should be kept separate for evaluation.
  • Pre-Processor (0-5)
    A CSS pre-processor like Sass, Less, or Stylus can be used to streamline your CSS. Original source files must be provided.