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  • Added the AddPrivilegesRoleRequest message.


  • Improved code coverage
  • Added Save to Excel capabilities to the DataTable object. See DataTableSerializer object.
  • Lots of refactoring to make the code more SOLID
  • Added SetBusinessSystemUserRequest message and SecurityHelper class.
  • Corrected bug in DataTableXmlSerializer on the serialization of the attribute names.


  • Updated CRM Dlls to the latest SDK version. This is a breaking change in the Connections String, that now have to specify the authentication typefor office 365 (AuthType=Office365) See If your code uses several connections in the same script, add the RequireNewInstance=True parameter in the connection string. See
  • Removed the dependency on Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • Restructured the .net code. Now the code is splitted in different files, and a solution file was added. This removes the need of compiling code in each run and improves performance.
  • Added loading from Excel capabilities to the DataTable object. Now, you can load your records from Excel. The Save to Excel is still pending to be added.
  • Added the lookup method in the DataTable object that allows to load records resolve the lookup columns before sending the information to CRM.
  • Added index.js file to the project, and index.d.ts in the package description to improve the intellisense experience. The reference tag is no required any more.
  • Added the removeColumn, and renameColumn methods in the DataTable object
  • Added the createIfDoesNotExist to the CRMClient class.
  • Now the MetadataUtil.getAttributeMetadata finds the attribute by the DisplayName of the attribute as well as by the Logical Name.
  • Now the RetrieveEntityResponse contains information about the DisplayName of attributes, and about the Optionset and Boolean strings.
  • Now in the Create/Update methods of CRMClient, you can specify your Optionset and Boolean attribute values using the string value of the optionset.
  • Added support for ActivityParty fields
  • Removed dependency on typings package
  • Added SetState method
  • Updated documentation