A minimalist resume template for Jekyll
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Crisp Minimal Résumé


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This is a responsive minimal résumé template made by Crisp, powered by Jekyll.

You may config all the data in yaml and make it your own résumé. Then, you might use on GitHub Pages, your website, or wherever you want.



  • Simple, elegant, and minimal design
  • PC and mobile friendly, but it looks better on PC
  • PDF supports and print friendly
  • Flexible and extensible


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone https://github.com/crispgm/resume.git
  2. Install Jekyll

    gem install jekyll
  3. Config your résumé data

    The baseurl is required in _config.yml if you serve this page as part of your website. And your contact information, EDUCATION, SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, and PROJECTS data will be set in _data/resume.yml.

  4. Run and Debug

    jekyll serve
  5. Build

    jekyll build

Data Format


  - icon: fa-envelope
    text: youremail@example.com
  - icon: fa-phone-square
    text: your-phone-num
  - icon: fa-globe
    text: your-website.com
    link: https://crispgm.github.io/resume/resume.html

FontAwesome iconfont is embedded, so use the fa- class name as icon. link is optional, present if you want a link for your web version.

Extending Sections

  1. Add new section in _data/resume.yml
  - name: English
    proficiency: Professional working proficiency
  - name: Mandarin Chinese
    proficiency: Native or bilingual proficiency
  1. Add section to resume.html:
<section id="languages">
  <div class="section-title">
  <div class="section-content">
    {% for lang in site.data.resume.languages %}
    <div class="block">
      <div class="block-title">
        {{ lang.name }}
      <div class="block-content">
        {{ lang.proficiency }}
    {% endfor %}

Why not gem?

Gem-based Jekyll theme is convenient for distributing. However, the implementation details are hidden, which makes it not easy to extend (so that we can add section to resume content). And also, a _data file goes along with theme is not supported yet.

The Jekyll project members have been discussed the jekyll extract command and theme _data files so far. I recommend to use traditional Jekyll theme distribution method (thus, fork and edit).