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Crisp Minimal Résumé for Hexo

npm version

Official Hexo port of Crisp Minimal Résumé.

Notice: color is not supported in Hexo version.

Hexo Demo


  1. Install Hexo

    yarn global add hexo-cli
  2. Init Hexo

    hexo new your-resume
  3. Use Theme

    # Clone the repo in a different folder
    # e.g. /path/to/resume
    git clone
    # Copy theme files
    cp -r /path/to/resume/port-hexo /path/to/your-resume/themes/hexo-crisp-minimal-theme
    # Then, change theme in `_config.yml`
  4. Config your résumé data

    Set theme:

    theme: hexo-crisp-minimal-resume

    The baseurl is required in _config.yml if you serve this page as part of your website. And your contact information, EDUCATION, SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, and PROJECTS data under resume. See example in /port-hexo/_config.yml.

  5. Run and Debug

    hexo server




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