Compatibility-based "FriendFinder" application. This full-stack site will take in results your users' surveys, then compare their answers with those from other users. The app will then display the name and picture of the user with the best overall match.
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Friend Finder

Node, express app that finds friend matches after taking 10 question survey.

Get Started

  • Clone the repo on your local machine
  • Run npm install inside the corresponding directory to install all dependencies

You can now run node server.js inside the Friend Finder directory to start the app. You will now have the app running on localhost: 8080 in your browser. Click on the "GO TO SURVEY" button to be redirected to the Survey page, answer 10 questions and the algorythm will find your match.


Express, path and body-parser


This project is licenced under the MIT Licence - see the file for details