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Comprehensive collection of programming styles using a simple computational task, term frequency
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No longer accepting programs in different programming languages because students!
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31-double-map-reduce Changed the names of these two styles to what they really are: map re…
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Exercises in Programming Style

Comprehensive collection of well-known, and not so well-known, programming styles using a simple computational task, term frequency. All programs run with the following command line:

$ python ../pride-and-prejudice.txt

Explanations and historical context for all these styles can be found in the companion book Exercises in Programming Style.

Additions are welcome!

You can contribute:

  • new exercises related to the existing styles
  • an entirely new programming style
  • new names for the existing styles
  • discussion of names, pros and cons of each style

Because this project and the companion book are used in courses, at the suggestion of several students I am no longer accepting contributions of the existing styles written in different programming languages. That is the first exercise that the students do. Having the solutions easily available here will rob future students of the learning experience!

Please follow the conventions suggested by the existing code base, specifically, if you are contributing a new style, make a new folder called nn-funname and add an example program in that folder called tf-nn.ext. (nn is the next avalaible number in the collection) Additionally, add a file that clearly describes the contraints for writing programs in that style. I will only consider new styles corresponding to constraints that are clearly different from the ones that already exist in the collection. (different programs written in existing styles are exercises for students, and should not be here)

Contributions of new names and discussion should be done under Issues or on the Wiki part of this repo.

To test your work, make sure your script is executable and then run:

./test/ NN

Where NN is the number prefix of the directory you're adding.

Never stop exercising!

Love, Crista

P.S. Inspiration for this collection:

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