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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys, re, operator, string
# The functions
def read_file(path_to_file, func):
with open(path_to_file) as f:
data =
func(data, normalize)
def filter_chars(str_data, func):
pattern = re.compile('[\W_]+')
func(pattern.sub(' ', str_data), scan)
def normalize(str_data, func):
func(str_data.lower(), remove_stop_words)
def scan(str_data, func):
func(str_data.split(), frequencies)
def remove_stop_words(word_list, func):
with open('../stop_words.txt') as f:
stop_words =',')
# add single-letter words
func([w for w in word_list if not w in stop_words], sort)
def frequencies(word_list, func):
wf = {}
for w in word_list:
if w in wf:
wf[w] += 1
wf[w] = 1
func(wf, print_text)
def sort(wf, func):
func(sorted(wf.iteritems(), key=operator.itemgetter(1), reverse=True), no_op)
def print_text(word_freqs, func):
for (w, c) in word_freqs[0:25]:
print w, "-", c
def no_op(func):
# The main function
read_file(sys.argv[1], filter_chars)