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Style #33

REST = REpresentational State Transfer (

REST is a style for network-based interactive applications that underlies the Web. The example here doesn't go over the network, but preserves the main contraints of REST, which are:

  • Interactive: end-to-end between an active agent (e.g. a person) and a backend

  • Separation between Client (user interface) and Server (data storage)

  • Statelessness, as in client--stateless-server: every request from client to server must contain all the information necessary for the server to serve the request. The server cannot store context of the interaction. Session state is on the client.

  • Uniform interface: resources that are created and retrieved, resource identifiers and hypermedia representation that is the engine of application state

Additionally, the networked style has the following contraints, not shown here:

  • Cache

  • Layered system

  • Code-on-demand

Possible names:

  • RESTful
  • Stateless Ping-Pong
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