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Mateusz Gajewski wendigo

I believe in OSS. Most of the time tinkering with Golang, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Cassandra, Mesos and Kafka.

Poland, Warsaw

Oleg Shevelev mantyr

Golang free-lance, skype: mantyr Language: English, Deutsch, Русский

Veliky Novgorod, Moscow, Novosibirsk, sometimes Saint Petersburg

Andrew Gallant BurntSushi

I love to code.

@diffeo Marlborough, MA

Florin Pățan dlsniper

What am I but a Ghost? I convert ideas to bugs at a highly agile speed.

YouView TV Ltd. London, UK, EU, Earth, Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble, Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way

Jaana B. Dogan rakyll

Google Inc San Francisco, CA

Bob Nystrom munificent

Programming language developer, ex-game developer, UI nerd, author of "Game Programming Patterns" and "Crafting Interpreters".

@google, on @dart-lang Seattle, WA

// /∫ ∫∫ ∫prosodyVvVereableContext( (( [[ [( ( payingattention

Under Sensitive Construction, to etc, unable to rush that kinda sorta regex-wise. #WhatWouldEmpathyDo still grinds against #WWAD?,,,,,,,

Oleksii Fedorov waterlink

Software Craftsperson

Pivotal Labs Berlin, Germany

Jordan Milne JordanMilne

I do a security thing sometimes.

Uber Canada