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A simple JavaScript web application which provides a table of Kiva field partners which may be sorted and filtered
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yarn.lock is a simple JavaScript web application which provides a table of Kiva field partners which may be sorted and filtered.

For a full-featured lending app which also provides a way to filter field partners, take a look at It is also open source:


If you want to insert a KivaSort table into your own HTML document, then you want the KivaSort jquery plugin. If you actually want to build a local version of the KivaSort website, then clone the repository, install the dependencies, and run make:

$ git clone local-kivasort
$ cd local-kivasort
$ yarn
$ make

The make file will concatenate and minify the JavaScript and CSS and then copy everything to its proper place in the ./output/ directory. View the generated site by opening output/index.html in a browser (no server required).

Build Options

The Makefile can also be configured with three options:

  • make DEBUG_MODE=y will not compress the JavaScript, and it will link to non-minified versions of JavaScript and CSS from the Datatables CDN.

  • make NO_AJAX=y will include (and generate, if necessary) js/partners.json and use that on its initial load instead of making an API call to fetch the JSON. If the site is built with this option, then it should periodically be re-built with up-to-date data (like by running js/ks/fetchkivajson.js from a cron job).

  • make THEME=<name> will build the site with the named jquery-ui theme. The name must match one of the themes installed in bower_components/jquery-ui/themes/.

Updating Dependencies

KivaSort uses yarn to manage its dependencies.

To update all dependencies run yarn upgrade.

Deploy to gh-pages

To deploy the contents of output/ to the gh-pages branch, run:

$ make deploy-pages


Feel free to use the project issues tracker to submit not only bugs and typos, but any suggestions or feature requests.

If you'd like to contribute code or documentation you can either open an issue and attach a patch, or if you use Github then fork this repository and submit a pull request as usual.

For other ways to contribute to this project, see the support tab of KivaSort. Thank you!

What's to be done

Better Docs

The 'About' tab could use better instructions for using the site. The HTML is getting a little unwieldy, it might be worth switching to markdown or similar.


The KivaSort website is licensed under the term of the WTFPL, version 2. See LICENSE.txt as included with this project.

Any third-party components distributed with the KivaSort source (everything under node_modules/) is distributed under the terms of its own license agreement. In particular, both DataTables is copyrighted and distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

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