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Idaho Falls Programmers Game Workshop 2019
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Game Workshop 2019

Welcome to the Game Workshop (2019) for the Idaho Falls Programmers user group.

Idaho Falls Programmers


  • Provide working knowledge of at least one game development technique in preparation for our October Game Jam.
  • Avoid requiring an installed game development system (Unity, Unreal, etc).
  • Target a cross OS platform for easy distribution/showcasing (modern web browsers).

Game Example

Repo Structure

  • Each branch is a snapshot at a feature delivery of this example game.
  • Start with master and then move to each snapshot in order: master0001/asset-manager0002/entity-type
    • Note: at the live version we are going to program all this together without checking out these branches.


  • A laptop if you are joining us at the live version of this workshop. We probably won't have room for a full PC setup.
  • Updated web browser. This has been tested with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • A code editor (or text editor) that you are comfortable with. Visual Studio Code works well enough and is free and cross platform.
  • A local web server program (avoids possible problems with asset delivery to the browser)

Possible Local Servers

Server Command
Caddy Web Server caddy
Python Built-in python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
PHP Built-in php -S localhost:8080

Post Event

If you can't make it that night, or want to come back to this later, we will be following this post step by step.


  • Liberated Pixel Cup
    • art assets
  • Nelson James Gatlin
    • torvald.ogg
  • Johnathan Roatch
    • metal-switch.ogg
    • vocal-percussion-8.ogg
    • metal-bowl.ogg
    • metal-bowl-with-water.ogg
  • Photonstorm
    • plasmaball.png
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