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Change Run's exception handling of MutationTest

It could hide exceptions, and it was weird.
Now it will immediatly display it and continue with other methods
This is not very beautiful, but at least exceptions are displayed

Change-Id: I4e12a498d3eab9f4d6ccaeb4ae5b47ba4a9e464d
1 parent a4c1a10 commit f8cd4a5ca3c048086a6ff1a87e607c3614ab5343 @TonyRoussel TonyRoussel committed Aug 9, 2016
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  1. +2 −11 NinjaTurtlesMutation.Console/Commands/Run.cs
@@ -352,17 +352,8 @@ private bool BuildAndRunMutationTest(MutationTest mutationTest)
catch (Exception ex)
- _message =
- @"
-An exception was thrown setting up the mutation tests. The exception details
-are below. If you are unable to resolve the problem from these details, please
-post the details in our issue tracker at:
-Exception details:
-" + ex;
+ System.Console.Error.WriteLine("An error occur during mutation test of {0}:\n{1}\nThe corresponding report was not merged", mutationTest.TargetMethod, ex);
+ return false;
return result;

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