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Sep 19, 2019
Properly take into account checkbox filtering Connect proxies while f…
…iltering services
Sep 2, 2019
Release 1.18.3: when receiving a timeout from vault, correctly resche…
…dule it
Aug 28, 2019
Release 1.18.2

* In Consul UI, showing data from KV with markup was not properly handled


Support any request method for remote_resource.as_json (#41)

 - support post and other request methods
 - accept any 2xx result (instead of just 200). This is a semi-breaking
 - accept body passed for non GET requests
 - allow to add headers (such as Authorization)
Jul 29, 2019
1.18.1 BUFIX: fix too many opened connections in remote_resource.as_json
Jul 27, 2019
New release 1.18.0 with support for remote_resource.as_json
Jul 18, 2019
New release 1.17.4: added missing dependency for parallel
Jul 18, 2019
Add samples/prometheus_consul_coordinates that computes rtt between a…
…ll nodes
Jul 18, 2019
Release 1.17.2: do not kill child processes if forks done in templates
Jul 16, 2019
Added RTT calculation in consul-ui nodes
Jul 15, 2019
Release 1.17.0 Added support for coordinate endpoint

 * when failing to write a file, describe the error with more context (file size...)


Added new coordinates endpoints:
 * `coordinate.datacenters` list coordinates of datacenters (WAN)
 * `coodinate.nodes` list coordinates of nodes (LAN)
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