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Flask(-Twisted/Gunicorn) microframework for microservices with Prometheus and Sentry support.

The goal is to remove most of the boilerplate necessary to start a simple HTTP application. This provides:

  • Sane arguments (--host, --port, --debug, --log-level)
  • Support to have a production ready uwsgi container (--twisted or --gunicorn)
  • Prometheus support with default metrics (gourde.metrics: See prometheus_flask_exporter)
  • Optional sentry support if the SENTRY_DSN env var is set.
  • If you have a 'static' directory in your module, just put a favicon.ico inside!


pip install gourde

# To use a production ready wsgi server install one of the following extra requirements
pip install gourde[twisted]
pip install gourde[gunicorn]


from gourde import Gourde

gourde = Gourde(__name__)
app =  # This is a flask.Flask() app.

def index():
    return 'Example'

def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

Want to know more? Look at example/, you can run it with gourde-example.